Experience the Tang of Delhi with a Variety of Dishes

Okay, so you are going to Delhi for a meeting, right? Well, what if you spare some time therein and explore the delights and spices of capital? There are plenty of options out there that can be picked for a rejuvenating experience. Of course, you are living in Hyderabad and have tasted every bit of food variety in the city; but the aura of other cities too should be cherished by you.

Just make changes in your schedule, look into the Hyderabad to Delhi Flights and pick one that gives you utmost time to explore the spices of Delhi. There are plenty of food options in the capital that are absolutely remarkable, spicy, and tasty and most importantly inspiring. Would you like to have a quick peek into the varieties available in Delhi? Keep on reading then:

Old Delhi Food 

You might have experienced variety of eatables, snacks and dishes but the meals you are going to taste and come across in the streets of Delhi are going to leave your jaw dropped for sure.  The spice and tang of scrumptious eatables will surely make your pellet dazed.  To begin with, Chandni Chowk has plenty of scrumptious eatables on its plate to steal your heart. For example, you can dip in the delicious and peppery Kachoris, sweet and hot Gajar-ka-Halwa, Uplifting Dahi Bhalle, dense, crispy and titillating Jalebis, filled Paranthas along with diverse vegies, special tasty rabri paranthas, tasty Karachi Halwa along with nuts in it, amritsari Lassi, plenty of types of paneer Pakodas and so on. You are surely going to love the eatables therein.

Rich Sweets

Are you a big fan of sweets?  If that is the case then you should try the creamy and juicy Jalebis of Old Delhi. These are absolutely amazing. Similarly you should not miss out the Sohan halwa is a speciality of zone that leaves nobody disheartened.  Of course, you cannot shrug off the worth and value of Kulfi of Chandni Chowk.  Once you go through these sweet and delicious options; you are certainly going to relish the utmost merriment and pleasure. There are so many options in everything. Even if you are after kulfis or juices alone; you can find a rich and promising variety.

Parantha wali gali

Have you ever heard of parantha wali gali? There are so many options available in paranthas these days. Once you go through this gali; you would experience extensiveness and so much of merriment. These paranthas are formed of striking fillings. You can relish paranthas like cashew-nut paranthas, matar paranthas, almond paranthas, mixed Paranthas, paranthas full of rabri, Khoya parantha, Gobhi ka parantha, multi layered paranthas and much more. You can relish these streaks of delicious paranthas with tasty mint sauce, sweet tamarind sauce, sundry vegetable potato curry, pickle, cheese, fenugreek curry and so on.  If you already a big fan of paranthas then this place is exclusively made for you.

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